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PRODUCT| Skin, from the beginning of the discharge makeup, make detailed discharge makeup curing

Source: Product Information Editor: C-Kang Cosmetics Click: Release time: 2021-03-31 08:26:08








Exquisite makeup is more pleased, not only to me but also others.

Not just me,

The colleagues in the office did not let go of any "beauty" opportunities:


"Gosh, your eye makeup looks so shiny today."

"Envy, I didn't take off my makeup thoroughly last time, and caused acne on my face. Now I am worried about wearing makeup."


You who pay attention to make-up every day, have you taken it off seriously?

If you can’t remover your makeup thoroughly, the skin will suffer~

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It is said that putting on make-up is cool for a while, but the makeup-removing process is quite troublesome. Delicate girls can’t avoid applying sunscreen, foundation, loose powder and other cosmetics products on the face, by which the skin has suffered too much.


External dust and dirt pollution, the skin's own oil secretion, etc., make the skin condition even worse. Once the makeup can’t be removed thoroughly , the pores will become clogged and the acne will burst in minutes.


The original intention of makeup is to beautify the face. If the makeup causes skin problems, then putting on makeup would have lost its meaning.

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Ordinary makeup remover liquid, whose cleansing effect is quite common. Waterproof mascara, matte lip glaze, etc. can’t be removed thoroughly. When using it, you have to use it with cotton pads, wiping it back and forth. In the long run, it is easy to make yourself into sensitive skin.


Of course, I don't recommend cleansing oil because it is difficult to control the amount and easy to drip, and the incomplete emulsification can easily cause clogging of pores. In order to remove it, it has to be rinsed repeatedly every time. A little carelessness will over-clean and cause damage to the skin barrier.


The liquid foundation, BB cream, cushions and other makeup in the market basically have super long lasting effect, 12 hours, 16 hours and so on, so the requirements for makeup removal will be higher.


After trying numerous disliked products, we finally found CKC Gentle Cleansing Cream.

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Natural and gentle ingredients.

No damage to the skin, and nourish the skin. The skin condition will be much better with it.


Quick cleaning.

It melts with one swipe, and it emulsifies in seconds when exposed to water.


Healing and refreshing taste.

Natural fruity fragrance, fresh and natural to release stress, you will feel good when you smell it


The texture is like ice cream, soft and comfortable, it melts instantly with one swipe, and instantly melts into an oily texture under the action of the temperature on the face, without the need for laborious and crazy friction.

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