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PRODUCT| Ceramide water frost a beat that is "close"

Source: Product Information Editor: C-Kang Cosmetics Click: Release time: 2021-03-29 13:36:59


Somehow we need to be thick-skinned in skin care, as well as in life. Only when the barrier is strong enough will the heart be strong.


Build your skin "reservoirs", care for “desert” skin, give out your young power from now on.

Makes you skin tender and soft and accelerates the skin’s "water cycle"

Are your pores enlarged or dry during the season change? The editor recommends you a ceramide moisturizing cream. The most special feature of this cream is that it can release water with one swipe. It immediately gives water into the dry skin to keep the skin in good condition, moisturizing and refreshing.

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Skin problems of modern people

Age, the pollution of the external environment accelerate the aging of the skin. Most women's skin problems stem from lack of water in the skin!


Studies have found that when the water content of the skin is above 20%-35%, the "integrity" of the skin can be maintained. With this kind of integrity, the skin can resist the influence of various undesirable factors, which may produce a series of skin problems.


Dry seasons, irregular work and rest, and sunburn...cause skin damage and aging prematurely.

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The threat to the skin is everywhere.

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