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PRODUCT| The bathroom will sweet atmosphere of tantalizing "honey"

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Bees are magical creatures, 

and propolis is even more magical.

Bees are also a race that likes to store food in peacetime. 

Generally food will go bad after a long period of time. So people keep them in the fridge.

Bees do not have refrigerators, instead they put pollen, honey, and royal jelly are in their propolis box. In addition, their "nursing room" is also made of propolis to prevent baby bees from getting sick.



The Origin of Propolis

The source of the propolis

Propolis comes from the resin collected by bees from the buds, bark or trunk of plants and mixed with the secretions of the palate glands and wax glands to produce a colloidal solid with aromatic odor.

Propolis contains various minerals, vitamins, organics, inorganics and other ingredients

Why Propolis?

Why do you want to join the propolis?

Propolis contains the most representative active substance, quercetin in the flavonoids, which not only inhibits the effect of a variety of tumors, but also expands coronary blood vessels, lowers blood lipids, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, and makes the scalp and hair better, tougher and healthier.

When faced with the problems of burn damage and dull hair, it seems our life becomes dull. Is there any superpower that can let everything start from the “head”.


A lack of daily care makes your hair rough, yellow and easily damaged. Sometimes it turns into pressure when you’re in a relationship. The secret to returning your hair to "girly".

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Select the world's rare honey species, New Zealand Manuka honey

Propolis is an effective substance used by bees to maintain the health of the entire colony. A colony of 50,000 to 60,000 bees can only produce 70-110 grams of propolis a year, which is known as "purple gold."

Secondly, Manuka honey has a powerful protective effect on the human body, which is unmatched by other honeys. It can be used not only internally, but also externally.

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The good smell is probably every girl's motivation of taking a bath.


As the saying goes, we can tell women from her fragrance. Fragrance for women is the highest level of sexy.

Those women who walk and bring their own fragrance pass by leaving a lingering fragrance.

People can't help but want to get closer

Exquisite life is to keep your taste for fragrance.

They all conceive and hide different "personality" in it, and express different female images with fragrance.

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