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Enterprise| 2020 C-Kang Cosmetics First Autumn Sports Meeting

Source: Entreprise News Editor: C-Kang Cosmetics Click: Release time: 2020-11-18 09:17:09

Life is more than just the present,

there are poems and distance.

Work is not only about hard work, 

but also about friends and teamwork!

To enhance the fun of the sport, reflect the competitivity of the competition, and highlight the teamwork of the activity, the Games includes 6 sports, Tug of War, Ground Dragon Boats, Cooperative Walking, Kangaroo Jumping, Rolling Wheels, and 200-meter Relay Running. A total of 6 teams participate in the competition.

The autumn sport games have much fun and naivety, allowing employees to experience the joy of sports and the fun of competition, cultivate the awareness of rules and the spirit of collaboration, and stimulate the potential of sports. It is not only a test of employees' psychological, physical, and sports level, but also a test of organizational discipline and spirit.


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