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MEDIA | "Technology Complex" Xiaofeng Xiao: To become a "Leader" of the daily washing and cosmetics industry in Greater Bay Area

Source: Media & Exhibition Editor: C-Kang Cosmetics Click: Release time: 2020-07-30 14:52:52

I can make soap, washing powder and toothpaste, in 1994, a 24-year-old graduate of Jiangnan University introduced himself like this.


Today, twenty-six years later, this young man who specializes in fine chemicals has established his goal of being a leader in the daily washing and cosmetics industry, and benchmarking against those world-class processing enterprise.


In the program, why did Dr. Deng Lu, the bilingual host of GRT Satellite Channel, comment on him as perserving, dominant, patient?


From a poor family background, he worked as a tutor to earn living expenses. He translated a more than 500-page mechanical English book and earned 150 Yuan, so that he could buy his first suit in his life.


Xiaofeng Xiao used to spend a long time in the laboratory, and his instructor would personally send him "pots and pans" to remind him, "Dont forget to cook instant noodles".


In 2008, when his own brand continued to grow, Xiao Xiaofeng determined to shrink it and began to devote himself to the construction and management of his cosmetics production plant.

“To be a technologically innovative processing enterprise, instead of a simple Foxconn type”

Xiaofeng Xiao is very grateful to his spirit and habit of not accepting defeat, bearing hardships and standing up to difficulties, which has benefited him a lot now. He wants to completely change the public’s previous impression of Chinese manufacturing factories.

After graduating from Jiangnan University, he turned his major into a career, and turned his career into a career of a lifetime. As a "Technology Complex" who hardly opens his mouth without talking shop, he has been always exploring new elements in the cosmetics industry.  From the early days of entrepreneurship to the present-day, CiKang Cosmetics integrates industry, university and research, and is heading to the goal of becoming the bellwether.

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