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Guangzhou C-KANG Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Factory address:No.3,Longhui Industrial Road,Huashan Town,Huadu District,Guangzhou city

Service Hotline:+86 020-37738951 / 37738952 / 37738937

About business cooperation, product consultation and other issues, welcome to dial the special line:

Miss Weng: 18820003905 (Same as WeChat)

Miss Shuai: 13826042661 (Same as WeChat)

Miss Yang: 15818532207 (Same as WeChat)

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Guangzhou Kangyu Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Service Hotline:+86 020-37738951

Factory address: Lanke Industrial Park,Team 2,Guangtang Village,Xinya Street,Huadu District,Guangzhou city

Jiangsu Huaian Xinlekang Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Service Hotline: +86 0517-8256660


Factory address: No.1,Wejiu Road, Xueshang Circular Economy Industrial Park,Lianshui County,Huai 'an

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  • C-kang
  • Kangyu
  • Xinlekang

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