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About Us

C-KANG COSMETICIS is located in the flower capital with the reputation of "the capital of cosmetics",mainly engaged in technical research and development, product development, brand design, production and sales and service consulting of cosmetics and daily chemicals,obtained ISO22716, GMPC, FDA, Disney qualification, SMETA 6.1 and other certifications, and has independent research and development centers and test centers.The main product range covers hundreds of categories such as "personal skin care, washing and washing, oral care, make-up, perfume, disinfection", etc., and the service network is dotted all over the provinces and cities in the country and overseas markets.The brands currently cooperating include Unilever,Disney,British BAYLIS&HARDING,YeeHoO,OMO,White Cat,Yihai Kerry,HomeFacial Pro,Avon, Xiaoxi,etc.

About Us


Built two GMPC standard production base is located in south China region,a total construction area of more than 90000 square meters (guangzhou CiKang, guangzhou Kang Yu), of which 100000 level of GMP standard workshop,a total of 11 and set up 600 square meters of The development laboratory and the product inspection laboratory of 400 square meters have more than 500 employees. At present, the total assets are more than 150 million yuan.At the same time, in order to meet the market demand of East China and Central Plains, C-KANG Cosmetics has invested heavily in Jiangsu to build a manufacturing base covering an area of 200 acres and a construction area of 138,800 square meters that integrates automation,intelligence,digitization,and information,build a tens of billions of daily chemical industry bases of raw materials, synthetic detergents,cosmetics,packaging,logistics,big data,etc.,and the integration of upstream and downstream industrial supply chains.


C-KANG Cosmetics has invested in advanced R&D equipment, professional R&D talents, advanced management concepts, people-oriented management, and aims to become a leader in the international cosmetics industry. It adheres to international and domestic industry standards, positive development, and quality priority As a foundation, achieve leapfrog growth and build the cornerstone of a century-old enterprise.C-KANG cosmetics is determined to become an enterprise with strong employee happiness. We also know that talents are the core of the century-old enterprise.we are currently establishing a complete talent training mechanism and talent appointment mechanism to truly appoint talents and talents!To ensure that the management team from generation to generation has a broad mind, infinite wisdom, noble personality and fearless courage, creating one after another great achievements, so that C-KANG cosmetics will continue to glory forever!